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Realtors Prod NHT On Land

November 29, 2015
  Published:Sunday | November 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon Local realtors are suggesting that National Housing Trust (NHT) take a new look at its policy for land, saying a solid increase in the loan amount would put the state agency's contributors in a position to buy property on the market as another route to home ownership. Two weeks ago,...
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Housing Gift - NHT Gives Contributors Early Christmas

November 12, 2015
  Published:Thursday | November 12, 2015Daraine Luton President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica, Edwin Wint, has declared that the decision by the Government to increase the loan ceiling and lower the interest rate for National Housing Trust (NHT) contributors is very good news for low and middle-income Jamaicans. New borrowers to the...
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Private developers moving into public housing vacuum

August 30, 2015
 BY KARENA BENNETT Business reporter  Sunday, August 30, 201   Private housing developers have an increased presence on the real estate market, following a decline of 56.1 per cent in the number of housing units started by the National Housing Trust (NHT) and the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ). According to the...
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Real Estate Board Moves To Zero Tolerance, Arrests For Breaches

July 15, 2015
  Sandra Watson, CEO of the Real Estate Board of Jamaica   The Real Estate Board of Jamaica (REB) is now taking a hard line on breaches of the Real Estate (Dealers & Developers) Act - REDDA - and has shifted to arrests and prosecution of offenders. Previously, the board would have issued warnings and negotiated with parties to bring them into...
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Jamaica Grabs Attention As Top Option For Second Home In Real Estate Rankings

June 10, 2015
  Edwin Wint, president of the Realtors Association of Jamaica   Jamaica grabs attention as top option for second home in real estate rankings Jamaica has edged out Italy as the most popular real estate search outside of the United States (US), says President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica (RAJ), Edwin Wint. The development coincides...
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