Membership in the RAJ helps real estate licensees become more efficient, more effective, more innovative, and more profitable. RAJ prepares you to take on the challenges of today’s real estate marketplace so you and your customers can enjoy a brighter tomorrow. From education, market forecasts and analysis to practical support and advice on ethical services and industry changes, you receive motivation and support at every step of your career.

As a member, you are recognized as a trusted and respected voice and expert in all things real estate. You also join the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), in the USA as an International REALTOR® member when you join the RAJ.

Real estate licensees can apply for either of two types of memberships; REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®. 

Below are the application requirements for each type:


  1. Must be a licensed real estate dealer
  2. Complete the application form. (Click here to download)
  3. Submit the completed application form along with required documents which are listed on page 2 of the application form
  4. The application will be presented to the Membership Committee for review and recommendation, after which that decision is sent to the Board for approval
  5. Once approval is granted, the REALTOR ® will be notified and the welcome package sent via email
  6. Upon membership being granted, ALL license holders attached to the REALTOR® MUST apply for membership within thirty (30) days of the issuance of the real estate license


  1. Must be a licensed real estate salesman
  2. Must be attached to a REALTOR® who is already a member of the REALTORS® Association Of Jamaica (RAJ)
  3. Complete the application form. (Click here to download)
  4. Submit the completed application form along with required documents which are listed on page 2 of the application form
  5. The application will be presented before the Membership Committee for review and recommendation. The Committee’s recommendation will be sent to the Board for decision.
  6. Once approval is granted the REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® will be notified of their membership and sent their welcome package via email


Download Membership Form

Start the process today, download a copy of our membership form

Annual Membership Dues

Membership dues are charged annually each year as at January 1, however, the Association prorates fees depending on the quarter that the license holder applies for membership. Membership dues are charged in both Jamaican AND American currencies and MUST be paid at the JN Bank (JN) in the currency quoted. Please note that only the US$ portion of the dues can be paid quarterly or semi-annually. Kindly contact the Secretariat for further details. Once payment is made then BOTH receipts must be submitted along with the duly completed and signed application form and other requisite documentation for processing. Applications are processed within five (5) business days.

Kindly contact the Secretariat for further details.

All new members MUST attend the scheduled Orientation Session immediately following their acceptance into the RAJ or the next scheduled Orientation Session.  Members who fail to attend the either of the two scheduled sessions after their acceptance into the RAJ will be penalized. Orientation Sessions usually last no longer than five (5) hours and attendees are asked to bring along with them their electronic devices as the sessions will include hands on introduction to the Multiple Listing System (MLS). At the end of each Orientation Session, new members will be inducted into the Association as this is the final stage of the Membership Approval process. Below are dates of all upcoming sessions.  


As a RAJ member you have access to a wide array of resources formulated to help you succeed in the industry.

Here’s how to maintain your membership:

  • Keep current with educational requirements for the renewal of your license
  • Provide the RAJ with a copy of your current license
  • Remit membership fees on or before the deadline given

Termination of Membership 

Membership in the Association may be terminated for several reasons. If your membership has been terminated and you wish to reapply after the mandated one year period has lapsed, you must complete the entire application process however the approval of your new membership can only be granted through a majority vote of the Board of Directors.”

Membership Reinstatement

If your membership has lapsed or been terminated and you wish to reinstate your membership, please download and fill out the Reinstatement Application Form and return it to the Secretariat. Once your application is processed and approved, you will be sent an email advising of your reinstatement along with your welcome package.

Member Benefits

As a member of the Association, you have access to a wide array of benefits which are available only to you. These range from valuable marketing and sales tips to opportunities for effective networking.

RAJ offers everything you will need to succeed. In addition, we are affiliated with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) which is America’s largest trade association, representing over 1 million members, including NAR’s institutes, societies and councils, involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

As a RAJ member, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits that serves you both locally and abroad through your NAR membership.

Group health and life insurance plan at competitive rates

Access to the Multiple Listing System (MLS). The MLS listings are directly fed into the international website which gives our REALTORS® and their listings the greatest level of internet exposure.

REALTOR® Incentive programs from mortgage affiliates are available to members who refer approved mortgages for processing

Government Advocacy. As the “The Voice for Real Estate” we represent a sector that impacts on the economy of the country and as such are represented on the Real Estate Board, we are an active council member of the PSOJ as well as other professional associations

Special discount with telecommunication provider

Continuous training and development to sharpen their competitive advantages. With the RAJ’s partnership with the NAR, our members have access to first class training facilities, tools and networking opportunities. Additionally, listings placed on the MLS are shared on all participating members’ websites.

Use of the REALTOR® brand. The REALTOR® brand is one of the strongest and the most recognized in the world. As a member of the RAJ, you can proudly wear your REALTORS’® pin, which differentiates you from other agents. It signals that you are a professional who maintains a high level of integrity and strict observance of the Association’s Code of Ethics.

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Our Mission
To represent and have its members/REALTORS® provide the consumers of real estate services in Jamaica with continuously improving professionalism, upholding the highest standards of ethical, efficient, successful and best business practice.